Opinion: Fleet director fighting to get pandemic parking fines overturned

Ste Greenall holding up a parking ticket that was issued to a key worker PICTURE: Ste G

Ste Greenall holding up a parking ticket that was issued to a key worker PICTURE: Ste Greenall - Credit: Ste Greenall

“These private parking companies are as bad, if not worse, than the old clamping companies.”

I read with interest your story on the gentleman who received a parking fine whilst delivering for the NHS and I am appalled. We are a rental company and during the crises we have seen these private parking companies continue to make peoples lives a misery with these fines.

I fail to see what part of essential their job is at the moment or even at all, they refuse appeals even when they are in the wrong; they say they haven’t received appeals when they have been sent, and no one seems to do anything about it.

They are even still sending the fines to debt recovery companies to inflate and chase during the crises and these debt companies are mailing and phoning people chasing incorrect fines.

We have contacted the companies and the British Parking Association about it and suggested like Transport for London and many of the councils have done these fines should be suspended during the pandemic and also all follow-up actions suspended, and all fines from March 1 be cancelled but I have had no reply from any of them.

I would suggest the gentleman also pursues a complaint to the BPA and emails them on aos@britishparking.co.uk - stating his case and gets them to investigate as he was doing a job for the NHS the engine was not stopped and he didn’t leave the car.

These private parking companies are as bad if not worse than the old clamping companies and a campaign should be started to get them outlawed in the UK.

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Everyone who has had one of these unfair fines should complain to the BPA they will then need to start an investigation into their unscrupulous members and their actions.

Alastair Ross


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