Conservatives hold North West Cambridgeshire as Shailesh Vara increases his majority

Shailesh Vara MP

Shailesh Vara MP - Credit: Archant

It is as you were in North West Cambridgeshire where Tory Shailesh Vara retained the seat he has held since 2005 after seeing off a challenge from UKIP and Labour.

The Conservative’s majority increased to nearly 20,000 from more than 16,000 in 2010, after he received 32,070 votes.

UKIP’s Peter Reeve polled 12,275 votes and claimed second spot with Labour (10,927) in third.

It was the Lib Dems who took the biggest hit, receiving just 3,479 to finish in fourth.

Mr Vara said: “I fought a positive campaign, based on what I have achieved for the constituency and what the Conservatives have achieved in government.”

He said he was delighted with the result and grateful to the people of North West Cambridgeshire for putting their faith in him for a third time.

The Green Party received 2,159 votes, while the Christian People’s Alliance finished with 190. The turnout was 66.5 per cent.

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Conservatives - 32,070

UKIP - 12,275

Labour - 10,927

Lib Dems - 3,479

Green Party - 2,159

Christian People’s Alliance - 190