Company seeks to assess demand for an adult venue in St Neots

St Neots

St Neots - Credit: Archant

A COMPANY claims it is looking to test the water in St Neots to see if the residents and businesses would be open to having an adult entertainment venue in the town.

The business calling itself Omega St Neots – which is described as a partnership between a “local man and an inspired female” – contacted The Hunts Post to say it is looking to open a stylish and tasteful adult entertainment venue in the town.

Twitter and Facebook accounts, which yesterday (Tuesday) had just seven ‘likes’, have been set up to canvass opinions about the idea.

A spokesman said that they were at an early stage of planning and that they were seeking the town’s opinion, if residents would welcome an adult club.

A statement added: “Our hope is that we can offer something that at present is not available to the local community in a stylish and tasteful manner. We will be striving towards becoming a successful local business, with a twist on the conventional adult entertainment venue of old.

“Our aim is to bring the previously ‘seedy’ idea of many, into a new generation that can be appreciated and respected rather than shunned and avoided.”

Whether Omega moves any further than proposing a venue, the plans may cause a stir, a St Neots councillor has warned.

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District and county councillor Derek Giles told The Hunts Post: “Nothing surprises me in this life. Seeing women waddling around a pole is not what I’d call entertainment but it could be for others. I don’t think I’d be going, nor my wife.

“I can’t envisage swarms of people going but I could be wrong, as I have been before.

“It would be a first for St Neots, normally this type of thing goes to Huntingdon. Whether or not a town the size of St Neots could sustain an adult club I’m not sure as the pubs are struggling but it could attract more people to the town and diversify the offering.

“At first there was outcry over the adult shop in Sawtry but that has died down. I don’t see why it won’t be possible in St Neots.”

The Hunts Post’s requests for further information from Omega were not responded to as the newspaper went to press.

Should the firm move forward with a planning and/or licensing application, it would become Huntingdonshire’s only adult entertainment venue.

While there is a swingers’ hotel in Alconbury and a sex shop in Sawtry, there is a strip club in Peterborough – a venue in Cambridge was closed after the city council’s licensing committee adopted a scheme that would not allow adult venues near churches, homes or schools.

To open an adult venue, the owners would have to apply to Huntingdonshire District Council for a licence. Officers would consider the suitability of the applicant, the location and site of the premises.

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