Community volunteer scheme brought to St Neots

EYNESBURY Village Association (EVA) has come up with a novel idea to encourage people to give something back to the community.

The Eynesbury and St Neots Time Bank will allow volunteers to exchange their work by making a deposit, and get some help in return by making a withdrawal.

Each hour of volunteering – which can be something as simple as giving practical help and support to others – is deposited away in the Time Bank and can be used in exchange for help when the account holder needs it.

The scheme was successfully piloted in Somersham and Cambridge.

EVA chairman Georgina Corley said she hoped it would catch on in St Neots and Eynesbury.

“I lived in an age when people used to help their neighbours,” she told The Hunts Post. “I am hoping this will bring the community together more with all the financial cuts that are happening at the moment.”

The project, which forms part of the national Time Bank initiative, is launching over three days in St Neots. Those interested will be asked to fill in a simple application form. They will then be given a starter pack while their applications are reviewed. Free CRB checks and training will be given where necessary.

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The scheme is being launched in association with social landlord Luminus and the Hunts Forum.

Luminus Group chief executive Chan Abraham said: “The Time Bank project encourages communities to work together to change the world where they are.

“It is inspiring to see such an exciting initiative taking shape to the benefit of the residents of Eynesbury.”

INFORMATION: St Neots Time Bank is recruiting at St Neots Farmers’ Market on Saturday (March 24) between 8am and 1pm.

For details e-mail or text ‘details’ to 07590 909057. For more information on the Time Bank contact or visit