Coach’s view: Louis Smith improves form in BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing

LOUIS Smith recovered from last week’s dip in form with 33 points, but the Huntingdon gymnast’s waltz was not enough for him to return to the top of the leaderboard.

As his coach Paul Hall reviews Saturday’s performance, he relives the moment the gymnast could have chosen to be a singer rather than a pommel horse specialist.

WELL, I thought for a moment that Louis was going to cause the first ever judges punch up in Strictly history on Saturday’s show.

Come on Craig, even I know that the waltz is a smooth, subtle, and romantic dance and Lou and Flav carried it off to near perfection with great chemistry and wonderful technicality throughout.

Monica, our legendary choreographer at the Huntingdon Gym must have been very happy to see all those years of hard work pay off in Louis’s great posture and arm positions, and his ability to learn all those steps so quickly is a direct result of many hours at the barre - well done Monica!

It was wonderful to see Louis’ mum Elaine with a bit part on Saturdays show. She has always been a major part of his success, driving him from Peterborough to Huntingdon and back six times a week for so many years, and supporting him through every stage of his career.

I remember a meeting with her when Louis was just 10-years-old when she said: “You know, Paul, Louis loves his gymnastics but he’s got a chance to get a place as a chorister in the choir at Peterborough and he can’t do both. What do you suggest?”

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Elaine, three Olympic medals and a blossoming media career later and I hope you’ll agree that we made the right choice.

Keep Going Louis!