Club rolls out virtual training sessions to help combat self-isolation loneliness

Nice Tri Triathlon Club are now rolling out virual sessions.

Nice Tri Triathlon Club are now rolling out virual sessions. - Credit: Archant

A St Neots based triathlon club will be using “virtual training” to help people maintain their mental and physical health during the covid-19 outbreak.

Nice Tri Triathlon Club have been hosting virtual training sessions to help members of the club stay fit and healthy during social isolation.

Club coach Michael Taylor, who set up the initiative, said that he hopes that the social aspects of the training sessions will help combat loneliness as well as have a positive impact on members mental health.

Michael said: “From my point of view as being a member of the club and a coach, most people join for both fitness but also the comradery they gain from friends supporting each other endure training or just in daily life. It is important for people to stay fit and healthy, but it is usually more important initially from social aspect. Most people use the club training sessions to off-load, so we know that when people are forced to social-isolate it is going to be difficult.”

Michael is an RAF coach and says that similar initiatives are now being rolled out to RAF triathlon personnel.

He said: “The most important one is the social interaction in the first place and that is the bit that people need to keep up with. Even if they just log on a few times a week and speak to one of us, if it helps them feel less isolated then it’s great.”

The group are hosting virtual cycling sessions alongside strength classes and updates from coaches.

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Michael said: “A lot of the time sport is used to help people struggling with their mental health, so for us to set this up, it allows us to continue providing a service that helps with physical and mental fitness.”

If you would like to join the club, please visit: