Fly-tipping: “Shock and disgust” after clothes and rubbish are dumped

Clothes dumped at Ramsey Road Cemetery PICTURE: Lisa McCon

Clothes dumped at Ramsey Road Cemetery PICTURE: Lisa McConville-Irving - Credit: CONTRIBUTED

More fly-tipping and this time at a cemetery in St Ives.

Fly-tipping found on Hamerton Road in Alconbury Weston PICTURE: G

Fly-tipping found on Hamerton Road in Alconbury Weston PICTURE: Gary Johnson - Credit: Gary Johnson

There have been two more incidents of fly-tipping in the district in the wake of an announcement that some recycling centres will open on Monday.

A reader contacted The Hunts Post after discovering a pile of clothes at the Ramsey Road Cemetery, in St Ives, and another told us items had been dumped on Hamerton Road, in Alconbury Weston.

The woman who found the huge pile of clothes at the cemetery was on her daily walk when she made what she described as the “shock” discovery.

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This is an a atrocious act and I am overwhelmed by the kindness of the local people who took it upon themselves to clear it up.

“Our bereavement is still quite new, and this was a dreadful shock to the whole family.”

St Ives Town Council said this was the first case of fly-tipping reported to them and when they went to clear up the mess on Monday morning (May 4), they had been removed, possibly by local people.

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St Ives town clerk, Alison Benfield, said: “We were made aware of clothes at Ramsey Road Cemetery and we then sent a team down to clear the clothes on Monday morning, but the team arrived to find the clothes had been removed.”

The second case was in Alconbury Weston where someone had dumped cardboard boxes and plastic furniture on the side of the road.

Gary Johnson, who discovered the rubbish, said he was shocked and disgusted.

“Fly tipping is becoming far too common and it’s so unnecessary.

“I wasn’t expecting the collective explosion of disgust about it from the wider community though.

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“Hopefully people will think twice before dumping rubbish in the countryside if they know they’re going to get found out.”

Cambridgeshire County Council is working on putting plans in place to re-open some of the county’s household recycling centres from Monday (May 11).

The authority says it will make sure visits to the sites are safe for residents and employees with measures in place to ensure social distancing.