REVIEW 2020: Reporter Clare Butler looks back at her favourite moments of the year

Hunts Post end of year review

Hunts Post reporter Clare Butler shares her end of year review. - Credit: ARCHANT

It’s been a year of writing about the courage of our communities when faced with a global pandemic – something that the people of Huntingdonshire took in their stride. 

The strength of people and their kind-hearted approach to tackling 2020 by fighting through the confusion, negativity and despair that Covid-19 brought us has been an extraordinary year to cover. 

Here are  8 of my favourite stories from the past 12 months: 

  • Team Bex fundraisers 

Rebecca’s courage and resilience led her to inspire thousands of people to take up running to raise money for charity.

  • Charity in memory of Hunts mum tops £35,000 during lockdown 

Luke Claxton has raised thousands of pounds since losing him mum – and he made sure that lockdown didn’t stop that. 

Most Read

  • Huntingdon UN peacekeeper Captain Sophie Piper tells of life in South Sudan and helping construct NHS Nightingale 

It was a privilege speaking to Sophie and hearing the amazing work she had undertook at the start of lockdown.  

  • St Neots singing dad Brian Moore’s NHS tribute gets approval from Matt Hancock 

Brian cheered us all up at a really tough time, and even got his Tina Turner tribute recognised by the Health Secretary.  

  • Hinchingbrooke Hospital nurse Sally Rees is honoured by her husband for Covid shifts 

Sally’s husband got in touch to say how proud he was of his wife and her dedication and care for others.

  • Coronavirus survivor Mark Stocks raises money for hospital after fears he wouldn’t survive 

Mark was amazing in making sure he raised awareness of coronavirus and the aftercare he received from Hinchingbrooke Hospital. 

  • Hunts Post ‘We Need to Talk...’ podcast launch 

Our first podcast focused on grief and how people have moved forward since devastating loss in life. A huge achievement for The Hunts Post to speak about this. 

  • Nurses from Hinchingbrooke Hospital thank YOU for your support  

For all the love, care and parcels that staff received – it was now their turn to say a big thank you to their communities.