A christmas message from the mayor of Ramsey Councillor Steve Corney.

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As Christmas draws ever closer, we are all rushing about trying to get everything done in time for the big day. Whilst we are all rushing around there are hundreds of people out there that are doing just the same but at the same time they are volunteering and helping out at many different organisations and charities. As Mayor, throughout the year I get to visit and meet a lot of these organisations and people, people that don't do it for thanks or recognition but just because its right and a nice thing to do. I always try to highlight throughout the year what these people do, but there are so many that slip past without a thank you so I would like to use this opportunity to do just that and say thank you!

Here in Ramsey I'm always proud to see the amount of effort and community spirit that shines through whenever there is an event on or at a time such as Christmas. Only this week I saw a post on social media asking if anyone knew of someone spending Christmas alone or if they knew anyone who would welcome a dinner being cooked for them. Such a little thing has a massive impact, so keep doing what you're doing Ramsey and be proud. Keep an eye out for someone lonely, say hello, smile and most of all have a wonderful time. Merry Christmas from my family to yours.