Chocoholics give up treats for life-savers at Hinchingbrooke’s SCBU

Chocoholics Jayne Potts and Georgie Overall have just another 32 days to wait before they can get their hands on these sweet treats.

The pair, who work together at Huntingdonshire District Council’s call centre in St Ives, have given up chocolate for Lent and, to ensure they stave off temptation until Easter Sunday, they are asking people to sponsor them for charity.

The friends have already raised �150 for the Special Care Baby Unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, where Georgie’s daughter Daisy was cared for following her birth.

Jayne said: “Georgie and I sit opposite each other at work and we spend a lot of time eating chocolate, but we thought ‘let’s go mad, let’s give it up’. When we have tried to give up before, we have lasted only half a day. It is difficult to find a non-chocolate biscuit.”

Daisy, who is two in April, almost suffocated when fluid from within the womb entered her lungs at delivery. She was saved by the team at Hinchingbrooke.

Georgie, 25, and her partner Carl Anderson, who runs Floods Tavern in St Ives, have raised �600 in the past for the unit.

Georgie said: “We raised �500 for SCBU during a fundraiser on our opening weekend and since then we have raised another �100. This is hard – it is force of habit. I like to have a hot chocolate in the evening and that has had to stop.”

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n Pictured from left to right are Georgie, Daisy and Jayne.

INFORMATION: To sponsor Georgie and Jayne e-mail