Chimney catches fire in home in Southoe

FIREFIGHTERS tackled a chimney blaze in a Southoe home on Friday (September 7).

Two crews from St Neots were sent to the house in High Street to a fire in a first floor bedroom at 11.50am. They arrived to find the room heavily smoke logged.

Firefighters used specialist gear to clear the chimney and extinguish the fire.

Jon-Paul Jones, Watch Commander at St Neots said: “Because the chimney had not been swept it was full of debris which had built up over the summer.

“This week is Chimney Fire Safety Week so this is a timely reminder of the importance to have your chimney swept before you start using it again. It only takes a small blockage to cause a potentially devastating fire.”

Crews returned to base by 1.25pm.

FIREFIGHTERS were called to two hedge fires over the weekend.

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The first was at Marsh Lane in Hemingford Grey to reports of a hedge row on fire on Saturday at 11.36am. Crews arrived to find a hedge row well alight after a fire starting a garage. The fire was out by 12.14pm.

On Sunday (September 9) one crew from St Neots was called to Cornwall Court, Eaton Socon, at 6.06pm to tackle a shed fire that was affecting an adjacent hedgerow.

They were back on base by 6.50pm.

A COMBINE harvester caught alight in Abbotsley on Saturday (September 6) night.

Firefighters from St Neots and Gamlingay arrived at a field near Drills Lane at 8.47pm. Crews returned to base by 9.53pm.