Children at Westfield Junior School in St Ives took part in a workshop last week to give pupils the chance to discover what life is like for a microbiologist.

The children were given the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ during interactive scientific workshops carried out by Public Health England (PHE) scientists as part of British Science Week.

Pupils had the chance to discover what life is like for a microbiologist as they donned lab coats and goggles to investigate why infection control is paramount in a laboratory.

Chris Fenton, from Westfield Primary School, said: “The fact that this group of pupils were able to take the skills they are learning as part of the working scientifically aspect of the primary science curriculum and apply them to a workshop of this nature is fantastic.

“I hope that this event, alongside other events we have been fortunate enough to provide this week, is inspiring the next wave of British scientists.”