Children across the county have been spreading positivity and joy

Children in Cambourne and other villages have been creating pictures of rainbows and placing them in their windows to ‘spread some fun’.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began and the sudden closure of all schools for the foreseeable future, it is likely to be a long time that children will not be able to go to school.

Six-year-old, Elise Laborne, from Cambourne, and many other children have been busy painting and drawing pictures of rainbows to place in their windows to spread some joy.

People in the community have come up with various versions of a ‘Window Wonderland’ to keep children having fun, when they go out for a walk.

‘Window Wonderland’s’ plan is to place a rainbow in their windows this week and see how many the children can spot.

Then the themes aim to change every few days, to create a fun creative project for them to take part in.

Other picture ideas include Mother’s Day, encouraging words, sunsets, silly jokes and pictures of animals.

There have been other plans created in different villages too, some involving themes of Easter, under the sea and hearts.

Peter Laborne, Elise’s father, said: “My little girl Elise had seen children, drawing pictures of rainbows and putting them on windows, so she wanted to do her part for the other children, to find and spread some fun.”