Loves Farm charity shop re-opens

Barnardo's store manager Ewa Fron and store associate Barry Allum.

Barnardo's store manager Ewa Fron and store associate Barry Allum. - Credit: Archant

A popular charity shop serving the Loves Farm area of St Neots is to re-open its doors after a long spell of closure forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Barnardo’s will be back in business on Monday, October 26, as the children’s charity completes the phased reopening of its stores across the country.

It had to cancel its fundraising events and close all of its 700 stores when the UK went into lockdown in March, resulting in a £30 millon drop in income in the same month.

Luke Grogan, Barnardo’s area business manager, said: “We are delighted that we soon will be able to welcome customers back to our Loves Farm store.

“We know the past few months have been very difficult for our staff, volunteers and customers.

“Barnardo’s has 700 shops across the UK and they each play a hugely important role in funding our services which support vulnerable children and families in many different ways.”

Luke said: “Closing all them all when the UK went into lockdown in March had a significant impact on our ability to raise funds for those services which is why we have been so keen to reopen our stores as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

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Following the government’s decision to allow the reopening of shops in England earlier this year, Barnardo’s was able to begin a phased return, leaving just a handful, including Loves Farm, to reopen.

Like other retailers, Barnardo’s has introduced safety measures including hand sanitisers and limits on the number of shoppers allowed through the doors at one time. All donations are then quarantined before being sorted.

The charity said that because so many people had used lockdown as an opportunity to have a clear-out, potential donors should ring ahead to check if the store had the capacity to accept donations.

Barnardo’s Loves Farms store is at Loves Farm, St Neots, PE19 6SL, please call 01480 215111.