Charity champion visits Wood Green’s Godmanchester HQ

Best Job In The World winner, is Luke Cameron, helping at Woodgreen Animal Shelter, in Godmanchester

Best Job In The World winner, is Luke Cameron, helping at Woodgreen Animal Shelter, in Godmanchester. - Credit: Archant

A man who has the “Nicest Job in Britain” spent his “dream week” at Wood Green in Godmanchester helping to care for some of the shelter’s rescued and abandoned animals.

Luke Cameron, 26, from Cheltenham, won a Nicest Job in Britain competition, organised by ethical energy broker company Utility Aid, to find a national philanthropy manger to carry out good deeds.

He will visit 46 charities during the course of this year, and the animal shelter in London Road was the 13th on his list.

Luke said he was “totally honoured and overwhelmed” to win the competition and get paid for doing a job he loves and working at Wood Green for four days last week was a personal highlight.

“I absolutely love animals and having the chance to work with an animal rescue charity, for me, is a dream week,” he said.

“All the charities are worthy, but this has been amazing as I have been feeding three-week-old kittens with a syringe and that was very special for me.”

Luke gained national media attention last year when he decided to carry out 365 good deeds – one for each day of the year – after a family friend died of cancer. He created a Good Deed Diary on Facebook and also raised money for the British Heart Foundation. His random acts of kindness included paying for someone’s meal at a takeaway restaurant, giving away hot food to some homeless people, donating clothes to charity and helping elderly people cross the road.

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During his time at Wood Green, Luke helped with the daily routine of caring for the animals and birds at the shelter, and on Wednesday he took over the charity’s social media.

“Having 18,000 followers myself, I understand the importance and impact of social media. It is such a powerful tool and it really makes me happy when I see charities using it as a positive tool.”

Luke has visited The British Heart Foundation, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and Brain Tumour Research in the last few weeks.