Find out some of the issues mobility scooters and wheelchair users face

Huntingdonshire District Councillor John Morris visited Huntingdon's ShopMobility. 

Huntingdonshire District Councillor John Morris visited Huntingdon's ShopMobility. - Credit: Celia Barden

A district councillor has visited Huntingdon's Shopmobility outlet to find out what challenges people using mobility scooters and wheelchairs face. 

Cllr John Morris joined Celia Barden, manager of Shopmobility, on August 17. 

Cllr Morris said: “It was a real eye-opener to discover some of the challenges of using a mobility scooter in Huntingdon.  

“Some shockingly poor condition paths, barriers and lack of dropped kerbs can make it a real challenge for people with disabilities to get out and about.” 

Celia Barden, Manager of Hunts Shopmobility. 

Celia Barden, Manager of Hunts Shopmobility. - Credit: Celia Barden

“The lack of a dropped kerb opposite the Police Station, on Ferrars Road, makes this crossing refuge on the ring-road very inaccessible if you are using a mobility scooter.  

“Steep gradients and badly positioned buttons can be difficult to use.  

“Restricted access on a narrow pavement made it more difficult to navigate due to the guard rail on the ring road opposite the Old Bridge Hotel.  

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“Footpaths in very poor condition make for a very bumpy ride for wheelchair and mobility scooter users.” 

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