Catworth is a welcoming village with a pop-up pub

Catworth village sign 

The village of Catworth near Huntingdon contains a church, a village hall and a big community spirit. - Credit: Archant

The village of Catworth contains a church, a village hall and there is a huge community spirit.   

Member of Catworth Parish Council,John Hurley, described the ways that villagers helped one another during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

John said: “A group was set up early on in the first pandemic lockdown and representatives from the church and the parish council were there on hand.  

The quaint little village of Catworth 

The quaint little village of Catworth - Credit: Archant

“We also have a local charity for helping within the village and locals took it upon themselves to help one another out.  

“Communication took place via email for people to encourage them to look after their neighbours.  

“A prescription collection service was set up and this continued well past the pandemic lockdowns.  

“A food delivery service was also started and what was known as a meat run, where a number of people would collect orders from residents for their meat supplies.  

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“The volunteers would then collect these from the butchers in Great Staughton. 

“This service has also continued through after the pandemic lockdowns."

John also mentioned that the Church of St Leonard in the village continued their services via zoom.   

 Church of St. Leonard

Church of St. Leonard in Catworth - Credit: Archant

Through the year they also held little events to cheer the public up, such as at Christmas, when they encouraged everyone to decorate a wooden star and these were displayed in the church graveyard.  

At Easter they also encouraged the children to paint stones to create a long stone snake to display in the church.  

John described the village hall as a central hub in the village and at one point a pop up pub was set up, which has now continued to operate on the playing field.  

The village hall also hosts a weekly coffee morning, which has recently started up again due to the relaxation of the lockdown regulations. 

Yoga classes are also held at the village hall and a games evening was established which is a monthly event held on zoom.   

A book group is also held in the village through zoom, which John described as being most successful.  

Last week, the community held its first afternoon tea event at the village hall, to welcome any new people who may have moved to the village during the pandemic.