Cats are found taped-up in box and dumped in Huntingdon

Abandoned cat Boo and Betty, at Cromwell Vets, Huntingdon, with (l-r) Student Nurses Paula Wakeman,

Abandoned cat Boo and Betty, at Cromwell Vets, Huntingdon, with (l-r) Student Nurses Paula Wakeman, and Rachel Crisp. - Credit: Archant

A veterinary nurse has spoken of her shock after treating a pair of cats that were found dumped in a taped-up cardboard box.

The cats, named Betty and Boo by staff at Cromwell Vets, in Huntingdon, were bought in last Thursday (August 18) after they were found near the Oaktree Centre.

“They were bought in by a member of the public taped-up in a box and were given to our care,” said head nurse Emma Smith.

“It is the most horrible thing to see if owners don’t want their cats they should give them to a shelter not just leave them like these two had been.”

It is believed that the ginger cats were left in the box for around 48 hours because of their appearance and health.

“They were both very ill – dehydrated and both had lots of fleas.

“The fleas caused a skin condition called flea allergic dermatitis and both were also anaemic from all the fleas feeding on them.”

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The cats were put on a drip as soon as they arrived at the practice and were treated for their fleas as well as ear mites and possible cases of intestinal parasites.

“They are recovering well but are still on medication to help with their skin condition. They will need to be on the medication a little while but we expect their skin will clear right up and they will make a full recovery,” Emma added.

After treating the cats the veterinary practice contacted the RSPCA which has “have been informed of the situation”.

A spokesman for the vets said: “Because we don’t know who the owners were of the cats there is no way to pursue what has happened.”

The veterinary practice has expressed its thanks to the man who bought the cats in as the situation could have been worse if he hadn’t.

After spending more than a week at the vets the cats will now go to Wood Green Animal Shelter, in Godmanchester.

Emma said: “They are gorgeous little girls and so friendly and loving. Our ideal home would be for them to go together and, as we don’t know how they are, one without any dogs.”