Huntingdon care home is offering dementia advice

Senior woman sitting in her armchair listening to a younger woman talking.

Care home provider Greensleeves Care, who manages Rose Cottage in Huntingdon, is raising awareness and offering top tips for family carers who are looking after loved ones with dementia. - Credit: Getty Images

An organisation that oversees a Huntingdon Care Home is offering dementia advice this week.  

Care home provider Greensleeves Care, who manages Rose Cottage in Huntingdon, is raising awareness and offering advice for family carers who are looking after loved ones with dementia. 

Though our ageing population means dementia is common- affecting one in 14 people over the age of 65, and one in six people aged over 80, for many people, understanding and coping with a family member’s diagnosis is unchartered territory.

It can be a very emotional time for families of people living with dementia, as they witness the condition progress, and have to adapt to the changes that can come with that. 

Steve Mason, an Admiral Nurse from Rose Cottage said: “For many people living with dementia, and their families, it is important that they can stay within their own home for as long as possible.

"However, this decision must consider a significant number of changes within the home environment. Prioritising a loved one’s safety, considering new challenges they might face due to dementia, is vital to ensuring they can stay in their own home for longer.” 

To coincide with Dementia Action Week, Greensleeves Care has launched a new online advice centre where family carers can access top tips and guidance to support their loved ones. 

The online advice centre at: gives advice about how to keep someone with dementia safe in their own home as well as advice on how to spot  the signs if you think someone close to you has dementia and steps to ensure dementia sufferers do not suffer from loneliness or isolation.

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Amanda Crawley, home manager at Rose Cottage, said: “One thing to remember is that no two people will experience dementia in the same way. 

"As someone progresses in their dementia journey, different advice will become more, or less, relevant depending on how the dementia affects them as an individual. However, taking basic safety precautions will always be beneficial to ensuring your loved one can stay independent for longer.”