Car trap catches out one unlucky job interviewee

A SALESWOMAN failed to make it to her job interview on time when she accidentally drove into the car trap at the St Ives guided busway - and caused more than �500 of damage to her vehicle.

Joanne Brooks said she accepted the blame for the incident at 1.30pm on Monday, September 3 but added that she was “angry” a double decker bus had blocked signs warning drivers not to go onto the track at Harrison Way.

The 38-year-old was making her way to a job interview for a sales position at Capita in St Ives from her home in Gamlingay when she followed the bus having failed to see the signs it was for guided vehicles only.

Driving into the trap caused �550 of damage to her Renault Clio and rendered it “undriveable”, ripping off two tyres and damaging the wishbone.

However she and husband Ben Brooks have written to Cambridgeshire County Council to try and claim some of their money back because they believe the signage is not good enough.

“I thought my wife had been a bit stupid in driving through the track but when I followed what happened when there were buses at the traffic lights, I saw why there was a problem,” he said.

“I came from work and waited with her as her car was being taken away by the AA and two more cars got caught in it.”

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“I spoke to the person who was recovering my wife’s car and he said they were being called out on average at least twice a week. It seems quite incredible.”

Mr Brooks says cars only drive down the busway when blocked by the double decker bus - but a Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman strongly rejected any suggestion the signs were not prominent enough.

“There is ample signage warning people that the Busway is restricted and that car traps are in operation,” he said.

“We would urge drivers to take care and ensure they observe the necessary traffic rules in operation.”

Sadly Mrs Brooks won’t be getting the job a Capita - she missed the interview because she had to wait for the AA.