Meet the Eaton Ford candidates who want your vote on Thursday

The candidates for the Eaton Ford By-election on March 21

The candidates for the Eaton Ford By-election on March 21 - Credit: Archant

Four candidates have put themselves forward in the Eaton Ford by-election for a seat on St Neots Town Council.

The election is being held on Thursday, March 21. The Hunts Post asked the candidates, Bob Farrer (Independent), James Goodman (Green Party), Sean Miles (Labour Party) and Nicola Presland (Independent, Our Community, my Priority) to introduce themselves.

Bob Farrer (Independent for St Neots)

Mr Farrer, who is standing as an independent candidate, told the Hunts Post.

“I worked in the construction industry for 40 years, but I am now retired. I have lived locally for 70 years and in Eaton Ford for 28 years. I am married with two sons and two grandchildren.

I was a county councillor from 1997-2013 and deputy chairman of planning for 10 years and served as a district councillor from 2004-2017 and town councillor from 2010-2018.

“Over the last 20 years, I have seen St Neots sink lower and lower in status.

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This annoys me and the residents deserve better.

“Councillors need to be from a good mix across the communities to get the best for the residents

“So, if I am elected I hope, with the right support, to be able to help St Neots to a good and prosperous future.”

James Goodman (Green Party)

Mr Goodman says: “I have lived in St Neots for more than 17 years with my wife and cats. In the last year, I have come to realise that politics is too important to be left to the politicians. I decided that the best way to help fix this situation was to actually get involved and make a difference.

“What I am impressed with is that three of the candidates for this by-election have never stood for public office before and this bodes well for the future of St Neots which I am proud to be part of.

“Whoever wins will make a difference for Eaton Ford and St Neots. That said, I hope you will consider me as your choice.”

Sean Miles (Labour Party)

Mr Miles says: “I am an animator living in Eaton Ford with my wife and two daughters aged seven and nine months.”

“My interest in the position of councillor was triggered by the recent sale of land between Gainsborough Avenue and Wordsworth Avenue and the chaos which surrounded the ownership of the said land.

“I aim to give a voice to those whose voices seem to be ignored or unheard currently. I also want to get council information back to fellow residents promptly, whilst bringing a viewpoint distinct from the established ‘independent’ group currently in control.”

Nicola Presland (Independent, Our Community, my Priority)

Mrs Presland said: “I live in Eaton Ford and grew up here and work as a paralegal for a St Neots law firm. I am standing for election as an independent candidate because I would like the opportunity to serve the community which has given me and my family so much.

“I believe the town council is a place where the interests of local people and of Eaton Ford are the only priority and wanting to be a councillor should not be about having a personal axe to grind or party politics or to campaign on national or global issues which your local council cannot influence.

“I don’t have the resources of a political party or wealthy backing, but I do care passionately about where we live and making a difference. “Here are some of the issues I have raised on the doorstep: cuts in services, threats by developers on open spaces such as the Ouse Meadows and attempts to acquire open spaces in Eaton Ford for infill development.”