Candidates confirmed for Cambs elections including St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives

Ballot boxes like these will be distributed throughout Potters Bar on polling day

Ballot boxes like these will be distributed throughout Potters Bar on polling day - Credit: Archant

THE list of candidates who will be standing in the Cambridgeshire County Council elections has been confirmed.

Nominations closed at the end of last week while the contest for all 69 of the county seats will be held on May 2.

Below is a full list of the candidates standing in Huntingdonshire.

Brampton & Kimbolton

Peter Downes (Lib Dem)

Mark Johnson (Lab)

Jane King (Con)

Most Read

Jenny O`Dell (UKIP)

Buckden, Gransden & The Offords

Lynne Bullen (UKIP)

Terry Clough (Lib Dem)

Patrick Hickey (Lab)

Julie Wisson (Con)

Godmanchester & Huntingdon East

Andrew Bish (Con)

Daryl Brown (Con)

Martin Cohen (UKIP)

Robert Cossey-Mowle

(Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

David King (Lab)

Derek Norman (UKIP)

Rober Pugh (Lab)

Michael Shellens (Lib Dem)

Antony Staples

(Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Graham Wilson (Lib Dem)


Peter Ashcroft (UKIP)

Peter Brown (Con)

Michael Burrell (Lib Dem)

Nik Johnson (Lab)

Marion Kadewere (Lab)

Laine Kadic (Con)

Kay Norman (UKIP)

Trish Shrapnel (Lib Dem)

Little Paxton & St. Neots North

Marian Appleton (UKIP)

Barry Chapman (Con)

Ken Churchill (Ind)

Bob Farrer (Ind)

David Harty (Con)

Melina Lafirenze (Green)

Jim Lomax (Lab)

Emlyn Rees (Lab)

Sherrell Smart (UKIP)

Gordon Thorpe (Lib Dem)

Norman Cross

Margaret Cochrane (Lab)

Nick Guyatt (Con)

Roger Henson (UKIP)

Barry Hyland (UKIP)

Mac McGuire (Con)

Christopher Waites (Lib Dem)

Graeme Watkins (Lab)


Susan Coomey (Lab)

Madeleine Jackson (Con)

Anthony Jebson (Lib Dem)

Peter Reeve (UKIP)

Sawtry & Ellington

Simon Bywater (UKIP)

Mary Howell (Lab)

Viv McGuire (Con)

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Lib Dem)

Somersham & Earith

Steve Criswell (Con)

Tony Hulme (Lib Dem)

Iain Ramsbottom (Lab)

Peter Verrechia (UKIP)

St Ives

Richard Allen (Lab)

Paul Bullen (UKIP)

Ryan Fuller (Con)

David Hodge (Lib Dem)

Lord Toby

(Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

Margaret King (UKIP)

Kevin Reynolds (Con)

Angela Richards (Lab)

Colin Saunderson (Lib Dem)

St Neots Eaton Socon & Eynesbury

Derek Giles (Ind)

Roger Harrison (Con)

Dave Howard (UKIP)

Wendy Hurst (Lab)

Steve Lancaster (UKIP)

Martin Land (Lib Dem)

William O`Connor (Lab)

Gareth Thomas (Green)

Adrian Usher (Con)

Steven Van De Kerkhove (Ind)

The Hemingfords & Fenstanton

Ian Bates (Con)

Philip Foster (UKIP)

David Priestman (Lib Dem)

John Watson (Lab)

Warboys & Upwood

Jason Ablewhite (Con)

Kevin Goddard (Lab)

Michael Tew (UKIP)

Christine Wills (Lib Dem)