Can you help Warboys teenager reach world championship finals

Joel Davies, from Warboys.
Picture: Leighton Hill

Joel Davies, from Warboys. Picture: Leighton Hill - Credit: Archant

The mother of a teenager from Warboys is desperately trying to raise the £3,500 needed to send her son to the 2015 World Karate and Kickboxing Championships in Florida, in November.

Joel Davies, 16, took up karate when he did some after-school taster sessions at Hemingford Grey Primary when he was seven.

He enjoyed it so much he took at up full-time with the Xcellencecentre in Huntingdon and has stuck with it since then. Joel passed his black belt grading in 2010 and is now training for his second dan, the next level up, as well as for the championship he hopes to be at later in the year.

He trains up to four times a week locally, but often travels up to Derby for a Saturday session with his masters, Jeff and Luke Scott.

Jeff’s son Luke is 10-times world champion and has just qualified as a stunt man, something Joel, who has just finished his GCSEs aspires to in the future.

The 16-year-old had to qualify in the top three in three categories at a qualifying event earlier in the year in Bradford to make the cut for the world championship, which he did with flying colours.

Mum Karen Halliday, 49, has held various fundraising events, such as a barbecue at the the Royal Oak pub, in Warboys, where she works and where Joel gave a karate demonstration.

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The pub also has a collection tin for Joel but, despite Karen selling home-made cupcakes and doing numerous car boot sales, she has only raised £860 so far.

“I’ve got some more car boot sales coming up and I’ve always selling something up on ebay,” said Karen. “But there’s still a long way to go.

“I’ve approached lots of local businesses and sports charities, but most haven’t even got back to me.”

Joel added: “I am both excited and nervous to be representing my country at the World Championships.”

To support Joel’s bid to reach the championships, visit