Can you help shed light on this old Hartford Junior School photo?

Hartford Junior School in 1955

Hartford Junior School in 1955 - Credit: Archant

A former student at Hartford Junior School has rediscovered a class photo dating back to 1955, and is hoping to trace some her fellow pupils in the shot.

The photo, taken at Christmas, shows a group of children enjoying their festive tea, wearing handmade hats and grinning for the camera.

In the picture is Sandy Cullen, nee Wilkinson, who, despite only attending the school for a year, still remembers some of her lessons there after coming across the picture.

“One of my best friends has been married for 50 years and I wondered what to get them, so I got some photos out and thought they might be nice in a frame,” she said.

“It was then that I found this one.”

Mrs Cullen, 70, says she remembers having PE lessons on little sports mats while she was there, as well as being taught by Ms Binge, Ms Hibbert and head teacher Ms Robinson, each of whom also feature in the photo.

Her husband, Rob, 72, also went to the school but left before the photograph was taken.

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Having studied there between the ages of five and 11, he too remembers the school.

“I used to bring the coke in to keep the boiler going,” he said.

“I used to bike to school as well and I can remember Mr Saunders, who used to run a garage in Huntingdon, delivering the school dinners in aluminium trays and we used to help carry them in.”

The couple were not at the school at the same time, but met by chance several years later at a Young Farmers’ Club, before marrying in 1970.

Taking over Mr Cullen’s family farm, in Hartford, in 1979, the couple are now retired.

If you are in the photograph or would like to get in touch about it, e-mail or call 01480 411481.