This week’s Looking Back photograph is clearly a street party, but where and when was it taken? Maybe the pub sign will help identify the town or village.

Two weeks ago we ran the inset photo entitled Huntingdon Pageant. and Kevin Braybrook wrote: "The lady with the name 'Braybrook' written on her is my grandmother, Florrie Braybrook. She was born in 1891 and married William Markwick in 1915.

"Lieutenant Markwick was killed at the end of the Great War and she married my grandfather, Herbert Braybrook. Her brother Richard (Dick) Brown is on the left of the photo. We think Mercy Brava is Mercy Brown who died in 1928. They had a brother, Sidney, who may also be in the photo.

"The family owned the Victoria Inn in Huntingdon and my great grandfather gifted the green on Victoria Square to the town."

If you any information about either photo and know what happened to Sidney, e-mail: debbie.