Campaigners call for council to complete work on new crossing

Councillor Tom Sanderson, third left, with Saxongate residents at the site of the planned crossing.

Councillor Tom Sanderson, third left, with Saxongate residents at the site of the planned crossing. Picture: ARCHANT. - Credit: Archant

There have been calls for action over a new pedestrian crossing in Huntingdon which is behind schedule.

The crossing, close to the High Street-Hartford Road junction, will provide a safer link to the town centre, especially for people with disabilities.

It is on a key route for traffic and the road can be difficult to cross, especially at peak times.

Councillor Tom Sanderson said the road had been resurfaced in October ready for the long-awaited crossing to be installed, but it now looked as if it would not go in until some time in January.

“It is very important. You can be vulnerable if you are disabled,” Cllr Sanderson said.

He said Huntingdon Town Council, which is paying half the cost, put in a bid for the crossing some time ago and it was approved by Cambridgeshire County Council in January this year.

Cllr Sanderson said there had also been a delay because of an issue with the impact of the crossing’s lights on the town’s conservation area and now the light columns had to be installed.

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“The idea was that the county wanted it in before the clocks changed which was why the resurfacing was done last October,” he said.

Cllr Sanderson said the crossing would be particularly useful for disabled people using the nearby Saxongate centre.

Keith Green, who has learning difficulties and has been involved in the campaign for a crossing, said: “It is very important. It is putting lives at risk as it is.

“As long as I know where I can cross I feel safe, but it is not only myself, it will help other people as well. The traffic comes through quickly and crossing can be very difficult.”

Barbara Darling, a volunteer with Huntingdon Community Radio at Saxongate, said a petition for the crossing started by VoiceAbility, which speaks for people with disabilities, had raised more than 600 names.

“I am scared stiff to go across there,” she said: “I was waiting there once and I wanted to go across and a car came around the corner and luckily my husband pulled me back.”

A county council spokesman said: “We have finished resurfacing the road on Saxongate and St Mary’s Street, Huntingdon, which needed to be done before we could install the zebra crossing.

“Unfortunately, there has been a delay with the design and supply of the beacons which are required to highlight the zebra crossing. We expect these to be installed and power connected early next year.”