‘You do not have to suffer in silence’ say police as part of domestic violence campaign

Cambridgeshire police say do not suffer in silence as help is out there.

Cambridgeshire police say do not suffer in silence as help is out there. - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire police are supporting a national campaign to end domestic violence.

The force will be supporting 16 days of action as part of tis End Domestic Violence campaign.

The constabulary will be raising awareness of the devastating impact of domestic abuse, as well as the support available to those who are suffering or are concerned about a loved one.

Between April and October this year, the force recorded 7,196 domestic abuse crimes, a 22.9 per cent increase compared to the same time last year, reflecting a year-on-year increase in reports over the past five years.

A key aim for this campaign will be encouraging victims and witnesses to continue reporting abuse. As part of this, the various methods of reaching out will be promoted in a special bid to target those who are suffering alone and behind closed doors during lockdown.

Detective Superintendent John Massey, head of the force’s Protecting Vulnerable People Department, said: “As we go through a second national lockdown there will be victims out there feeling more alone and terrified than ever. Home should be a place of safety but heartbreakingly, for many, it will currently feel like a prison.

“We have seen reports of domestic abuse steadily increase over the past few years due to a number of factors including online crime reporting. However, I completely appreciate that victims may find it harder than ever to speak out and escape abusers during this time. But I want to stress we are here to help and are working around the clock to keep victims safe.

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“Throughout the campaign we will be highlighting on social media all the discreet ways of reaching out so victims can still contact us if they are stuck at home with an abuser.

“As well as this, we’ll be urging worried family, friends or neighbours to report their concerns and be the voice for a victim who may be feeling powerless.

“Lastly, I want to appeal to victims directly to say that you do not have to suffer in silence. There is no excuse for abuse and we, alongside other dedicated partner agencies, will be here to keep you safe and support you along the way.”

Specialist services are available locally to victims and their families at www.cambsvictimservices.co.uk.