Cambs voting begins: Your last-minute guide to the parties

CAMBRIDGESHIRE goes to the polls tomorrow (Thursday) to choose the people and parties they want to represent them at county and European levels. The polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm, but if you re still undecided about who you want to ret

CAMBRIDGESHIRE goes to the polls tomorrow (Thursday) to choose the people and parties they want to represent them at county and European levels.

The polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm, but if you're still undecided about who you want to return to Shire Hall and join Cambridgeshire County Council, then our quick guide below should help.

We asked each of the four main parties to tell us in 200 words why you should vote for their group.

Here are their reasons:

Jill Tuck, leader of the Conservatives on Cambridgeshire County Council:

A CONSERVATIVE vote will be a vote for an experienced, professional team of councillors who are committed to providing top quality, value for money services and keeping Council Tax as low as possible.

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Data from the Audit Commission shows that Cambridgeshire County Council is the most improved county council in England.

They have also praised us for our approach to getting value for money and in our financial management, giving us four out of four, top marks. So, in that respect, we are offering more of the same, particularly in getting best value for every taxpayer's pound.

Our ongoing efficiency drive cutting bureaucracy and reducing back-office costs has enabled us to spend record amounts of money on supporting older people, protecting vulnerable children and adults, and in maintaining our roads. You have told us these are your priorities and we will continue to listen to you and focus on what you think is most important.

We will fight for what is right for Cambridgeshire. The current economic crisis means things will not be easy but we are ambitious for Cambridgeshire and its residents. A Conservative council will continue to work hard to deliver top quality services at the lowest possible cost.

Peter Reeve, regional organiser for UKIP, the UK Independence Party:

UKIP is already making a huge difference. Our support has grown so much that we expect to win seats in Cambridgeshire County Council on June 4.

When we get there our mission is clear. We are the voice of the ordinary person, who has for too long been ignored by the old political parties. Our agenda is to cut tax significantly, to force the politicians to listen to local communities through making them hold referenda on major projects such as the building of superstores and other major local developments.

We are opposed to the unelected, undemocratic East of England assembly and regional development agency which have stripped much of the decision making process away from communities and local elected representatives.

It is time that the politicians remembered that it is local people and their interests that they should be representing, not their party leaders - UKIP is here to restore that connection.

UKIP simply believes in common sense values, cutting waste and bureaucracy out of the council and making the politicians listen to the people.

It costs the UK �40million every day, to be in the EU. This money would be better spent on local services.

Peter Downes leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Huntingdonshire District Council:

ELECTORS should vote to get more Liberal Democrat councillors because they work hard all year round, not just at election times.

They keep their constituents well informed, ask their opinions and listen to their worries.

They get things done, chase things up and don't easily take 'no' for an answer. In opposition, they provide a robust and constructive challenge to the dominant Tory group. In power, they would make Cambridgeshire an even better place to live by making the roads safer, improving local transport with a much better bus service, building stronger communities, with better funding for youth services, more bobbies on the beat and better support for voluntary organisations. They would they would keep Council Tax increases to the minimum by rooting out waste and eradicating inefficiency in the present system.

Cambridgeshire has had 12 years of uninterrupted Tory rule. It's time for a change and even if change does not happen this time, a larger number of Lib Dem councillors would provide an even stronger opposition and keep the ruling Tories on their toes.

Christine Carter, deputy leader of Cambridgeshire Labour Group.

ON June 4 voters will have the opportunity to go to the polls and exercise their right to play their part in how the county council will operate.

While many authorities have been pro-active in claiming funding from central government to help provide the help and support due to them, Tory-run Cambridgeshire lags far behind the national average level of take-up.

Voting for your local Labour candidate could help change the situation. The new Tory budget for 2009-11 slashes �14.5million off budgets for supporting the elderly and disabled people. This is an outrage and must not be allowed to happen. A vote for Labour would make the county look again at its financial responsibilities to the most vulnerable residents.

How can the Tories face the electors with no clear position on their own defining policy on congestion charging? The Lib Dems support the idea of a congestion charge. Labour councillors are opposed to it. As deputy leader of the county Labour group, I urge people to go out and exercise their right to vote.

I hope that the behaviour of some MPs will not stop the electorate from having their say on how their Council Tax should be spent over the next four years.