Cambs village flood waters trap couple

REMARKABLE pictures show the moment a couple were forced to clamber out of their car after it became trapped in flood waters near Huntingdon.

Pictures taken by a Hunts Post reader show the couple, both in their 60s, scrambling to avoid the water, which had risen above the seats of their Nissan Micra, by perching on the windowsill.

The pair were rescued by firefighters wearing dry suits and using an inflatable ice rescue path. They were shaken but did not need hospital treatment.

Two crews from Huntingdon and Sawtry and a rescue vehicle from Huntingdon attended the incident on Main Street in Hamerton on Friday morning.

Eddie Theaker, watch manager at Huntingdon Fire Station said: “The road had flooded due to a burst river bank and the couple had attempted to drive through the water.

“The car broke down and the water level continued to rise, trapping the couple in their car. Fortunately we were able to rescue them before the water got any higher.

“This highlights just how dangerous it is to attempt to drive through a flooded road. The water can rise very quickly and before you know it you can be stranded in your car.

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“As well as the risk of becoming stranded, standing water can permanently damage your car, and there may be hazards under the water that you can’t see. It really isn’t worth the risk.”