Cambs: two-years-late guided bus penalties top �10m

CONTRACTORS BAM Nuttall have been docked �10 million because the firm is now two years late completing construction of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, the county council said today.

The council has been deducting almost �14,000 a day in late delivery damages from BAM Nuttall since February 2009, when the 25-km longest guided busway in the world was due to be completed and handed over.

Although the firm has told council bosses all the major work is now complete, it has left the submission of construction and design certificates, normally submitted once each part of a construction project is complete, until the last minute, CCC said.

“Both design and construction certificates are essential for the council to be confident that the scheme has been built correctly. The project manager, who is independent of both the council and BAM Nuttall, cannot certify the contract as complete until the most important certificates for the main structures have been received and are satisfactory,” a spokesman added.

“BAM Nuttall are yet to submit five construction and design certificates. A further 47 construction certificates that had been previously been rejected also need to be resubmitted and accepted before the contract can be certified as complete.”