Cambs Tory MP is part of ‘Conservative agenda’ group

A CAMBRIDGESHIRE MP is among a group of Tory politicians who launch a new campaign group aimed at representing a “Conservative agenda” in Westminster.

North East Cambridgeshire MP Stephen Barclay joins others, including former frontbenchers and champions of the Tory right-wing such as David Davis and Liam Fox, in the group called Conservative Voice.

The group is promising to campaign to promote individual aspiration, a smaller state, low taxes, a renegotiation in Britain’s relationship with Europe and more “radical thinking” on tackling social and economic challenges.

Mr Davis said: “Conservative Voice is the first political initiative in a very long time that provides a home for the professional and voluntary wings of the Conservative Party and who are united in their belief in popular, radical conservatism.

“Our aim is to encourage seriously ambitious policy development and to help improve the party’s campaigning edge in really practical ways.”

He added that the group aimed to work alongside the Conservative leadership. However, it comes soon after Mr Davis criticised the government’s economic policy.

Meanwhile at the weekend speculation about a potential challenge to David Cameron’s leadership of the Conservatives increased.

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