Cambs: thousands back fast broadband campaign

CLOSE to 3,000 residents and businesses registered their demand for better broadband during the first week of the campaign to Get Cambridgeshire Connected, and the total is rising rapidly as word spreads, the county council says.

Superfast broadband will help boost local businesses and the economy, reduce isolation in rural communities and help improve health and access to services, a spokesman added.

“It only takes a minute to click on the link to register and it doesn’t commit you to anything. You just need to give your postcode and landline phone number. People without access to the internet can add their support by using Freepost reply forms at libraries, council offices and other public places.

“The more people who register the more quickly we can deliver superfast broadband across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.”

Cambridgeshire County Council has committed up to �20 million of investment to deliver the Connecting Cambridgeshire project with support and funding from Peterborough City Council as well as the Government.

“This will attract substantial private investment from broadband suppliers which together will deliver the project.

“The aim is to bring access to superfast broadband to at least 90 per cent of businesses and homes and better connectivity for all remaining premises by 2015.”