CAMBS: The dog who swallowed a cow...and a frog

CHESTER can never be accused of getting a frog stuck in his throat.

The golden labrador puppy swallowed it ... unfortunately, the plastic toy got stuck in his stomach, and his owners Marion and Neale Stribling had to take him to the vet to have it surgically removed.

But 21-month-old labradors are not �easily deterred and Chester has since been back under the knife ... this time to remove a toy cow.

The puppy has effectively escaped death twice thanks to the skill of staff at Cromwell Vets, in Huntingdon.

Mr and Mrs Stribling, of Hall Close, Hartford, said they are just happy to have their puppy fit and well – and delighted they have him insured.

Chester’s animal-swallowing exploits began in Jubilee Park, Huntingdon, the week before Christmas, when he managed to steal a toy frog from one of his doggy pals and �swallowed it.

“We just stood there in total shock,” said Mrs Stribling, 42.

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“Luckily, we’d seen what had happened and took him straight to the vet. If we hadn’t noticed it would have stayed in his stomach and caused a fatal blockage.”

The first X-ray found the offending object in Chester’s stomach was too large for the dog to pass naturally and had to be removed in an operation.

The puppy was back at the vets on Friday after he swallowed a squeaky toy cow for another operation.

“Luckily, we have him insured,” said Mrs Stribling, “otherwise it would cost us �1,000 a time.”

Vet David Fennell said: “We do get dogs who swallow unusual things – golf balls or a pair of Marigold gloves, for example, but Chester reminded us of the song ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a cow.’

“It can be quite dangerous if the items move into the intestine, but these were too big to pass, so quite what would have �happened to them I don’t know.”

Chester is now allowed to play only with large toys – the larger the better.