Cambs swingers hotel fully open ‘in a month’

THERE’s more to Alconbury’s new swingers hotel than just adult parties, as The Hunts Post found out during a tour of the Tease II Hotel.

ALCONBURY’s new swinging club and hotel could be fully open for business within a month, according to co-owner Stewart Hobbs.

The two-storey building at the truck stop at Rusts Lane will be split between the stop-over Ace Hotel downstairs and the Tease II adult club upstairs.

Extensive refurbishment is going on in the hotel, though Tease II has been open for its adult party weekends since the turn of the year.

Mr Hobbs, who runs the business with his partner Nikki Hills, is carrying out �25,000 worth of repairs to the 36-bedroom building, which had been lying empty for over two years before it was taken over.

He hopes that up to six new jobs will be created by the two businesses, known together as Tease II Hotel.

“The second we have heating and hot water, we will be open for business in the hotel,” said Mr Hobbs, 44. “There is still a lot of work to be done – more than we realised – but we are refurbishing the rooms right now and I am confident we will be up and running in a month.”

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Mr Hobbs maintains that the two businesses will be run in tandem, with each sustaining the other.

“It was a run-down building which would have been demolished otherwise, so having the building in use has to be better. It was substandard and no other hotel company would have touched it.”

The 15-room Ace Hotel will provide a �30-a-night stopover for truckers from the A1 and visitors to the club upstairs, which offers �90 weekends away for couples.

Refurbishment of the upstairs has already started, with the hallways repainted pink and a red velvet bar and lighting system installed. Eight themed “playrooms” have also been fitted out, with plans for a cinema and other alterations.

Building and refurbishment work at the hotel is being carried out with the help of Tease 2 clients, who are contributing their services and goods for trade prices.

“There are not many sectors that club members are not involved in, so we have been able to cut our costs considerably with their help.” said Mr Hobbs.

He is keen to move the image of his club away from what he calls the “seedy side of swinging”, and plans to make it a couples-only club once the club is fully open.

“People think it’s all about key parties – it’s not. There are clubs I’ve been to in Britain that have frightened the life out of me, and that’s not what we are going for here.

“There’s a stigma attached to the swinging scene. You’ll probably never get rid of that, but I’m trying to find the more responsible end of the market – couples’ weekends, and no single men.”

He estimates that he has over 3,500 club members, with some travelling from as far as Holland and France to spend the weekend in Alconbury.

“People travel from across the country to visit the club. They combine it with the rest of their lives: visit Auntie Madge during the day, and book into the club at night.

“It’s not holiday prices: it’s for adults who want to have a weekend away with a bit more kick.”

Mr Hobbs estimates that 30 per cent of his clientele are not swingers, but couples who visit solely for the atmosphere.

“It’s a friendly atmosphere and people look out for each other. It’s somewhere people can come, where they can dress as they want and where they can feel safe.”