The graduates have traded in their old careers to join the force and help keep Cambridgeshire safe.

Police new recruits                                                                                   PICTURE: Cambridgeshire PolicePolice new recruits PICTURE: Cambridgeshire Police

The Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire police has welcomed the newest recruits to the service in a passing out ceremony on June 19.

A group of 17 new police officers marched at the force’s learning and development training centre at Monks Wood, near Alconbury, before being inspected by Nick Dean and deputy chief constable Jane Gyford.

The graduates have traded in careers, including as a support worker, bank cashier, bar assistant and boat technician to join the force and help keep Cambridgeshire safe.

Having successfully completed their 16-week training course, they will all now be posted across the county to tackle crime and protect the public.

Constable Nick Dean at the passing out ceremony                                           PICTURE: Cambridge PoliceConstable Nick Dean at the passing out ceremony PICTURE: Cambridge Police

Speaking at the ceremony, the chief constable congratulated the recruits and said: “All of you have done tremendously well from when you first forwarded your applications to the constabulary.

“Many people apply but only a small percentage succeed and you as a group are one of those success stories, you should be really proud of your achievements. You are now beginning a unique career in policing. One which is exciting, varied and ever more complex and challenging, but equally a career that presents itself with huge opportunities.

“Opportunities to make a real difference to people’s lives. Expectations of what we do are higher than ever, the scrutiny over what we do is very evident.

“That is why we need to act with integrity, impartially, fairness and diligence – values which are at the centre of Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

“These values should run through the core of everything you do, both inside and outside work.

“Our role is to build trust and confidence within our communities and that we are here to work alongside them in maintaining public peace and preventing and detecting crime.

“You have all joined with different experiences, different skills, ideas and approaches.

“We have employed you for what you bring to the constabulary.

“Diversity in all its forms, diversity of thought, ideas, and experience enriches our policing family and supports the communities it serves.”

The force is continuing its search for new constables and those who think they have what it takes are asked to apply via the force website.