Cambs police computer system was down for two days

CAMBRIDGESHIRE police’s vital computer systems were down for two days after a planned power cut, the force has revealed.

The Command and Control system, used by the control room was down for a number of hours after the outage at 7pm on Sunday (November 11) but the database for recording crime took until Tuesday to be fully restored with some reports being filed on paper.

A spokesman said: “The force experienced some disruption to IT systems from about 7pm on Sunday but 95 per cent of the systems affected were restored by Monday lunch time and all services were restored by Tuesday evening.

“Vital systems, such as Command and Control, used by the force control room, were restored on a backup system within hours and frontline policing and our service to the public was not affected.

“The force’s crime recording database was partially restored by Monday afternoon and fully restored by Tuesday evening. Crimes continued to be recorded during this time and the system was updated once restored.

“The problems arose following a scheduled power down at force HQ to allow the fitting of a voltage optimisation unit that will make the building more efficient and save the force an estimated 15 to 20 thousand pounds a year.”