CAMBS: Pet dog Digger goes missing after car crash

A Tibetan terrier who goes by the name of Digger fled the scene of a three-car collision north of Cambridge on Saturday and has been missing since.

Owner Mark Hardy, who was driving the Volkswagen Golf which was written off following the collision on the A10 at the Lazy Otter north of Landbeach, said he and wife Karyn McNeil acquired the puppy in April as a playmate for their two-year-old son Alby.

Curtailing the family’s trip to Milton Country Park that morning, the impact of the collision with a driving school Vauxhall Corsa and a lorry saw driver Mr Hardy trapped inside the car and during his attempt to extricate himself via the passenger door, Digger fled the scene.

Mr Hardy, who lives in Witchford, last saw Digger running alongside the A10 towards Cambridge and witnesses last reported a sighting of him near the BP garage in Landbeach.

While those involved in the incident escaped relatively unscathed following treatment on the scene by paramedics, Mr Hardy, 38, said Alby is distraught following the loss of Digger.

He said: “We got Digger for Alby’s second birthday last April and thought they would be good companions and grow up together.

“He is a lovely, friendly and playful dog and I think he would approach people, as long as he is not suffering from too much trauma from the accident.

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“Alby was quite upset at the time and last night and today he has been asking for Digger.

“He’s not old enough to understand the concept of him being missing but knows he misses Digger.

“We keep having to tell him he’s popped out to see a friend or is at a doggy party.”

If you have seen Digger, who is chipped, ring owner Mark Hardy on 07894 109352 or visit the Facebook group ‘Help find Digger’.