Cambs pensioner discovers inch-long blade in Primark jeans

A PENSIONER who bought a pair of jeans as a Christmas gift for his wife got a nasty shock when he checked the pockets to find a razor blade inside.

David Boyd, of Manor Lane, Alconbury discovered the inch-long blade in the pocket of the Primark ladies’ jeans after he bought it on December 23.

He returned to the Cambridge store on December 28 and was offered a credit note, but says the incident has left him fearful to shop at the store again.

He has also written to the managing director of Primark to complain about the incident.

The 65-year-old retired security guard said: “I went to Primark in Cambridge, bought some jeans, got them home and this fell out of the pocket. I took it back to the store. I told the manager ‘I don’t want this swept under the carpet.’

“They said they would send it away to head office, and I received a call last week to say the customer services department were handling it.

“Someone could have been really hurt. I hate to think about the consequences of cutting your hands on it. I am going to be conscious about what I buy now.”

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An inch-long blade was discovered by father Steven Varley in the new shoe of his four-day-old son in February 2010. The shoe had been bought in Primark’s Chatham store in Kent.

Mr Boyd, father-of-one said he believed the blade may have been stashed by shop-lifters in a panic. Blades can be used to cut tags off clothing.

A Primark spokesperson said: “Primark is extremely concerned to hear this news and the company is taking urgent action to investigate this issue. The company cannot comment in detail on this complaint until its enquiries are complete, but the company apologises to the customer for any distress this must have caused.

“Primark will of course keep the customer informed about the progress and outcome of its enquiries.”