CAMBS: Panic mowing? Fenland man takes light-hearted approach to petrol fiasco

CHAOS has reigned at petrol stations across the country this week - but one man has taken a light-hearted approach to fuel shortage fears.

While people queued to fill their cars at a garage in Guyhirn this afternoon, Steve Chapman was only thinking about the state of his lawn.

Motorists were left speechless as the 57-year-old wheeled his lawn mower up to the pumps and proceeded to fill it with petrol.

Mr Chapman said: “I thought with all the panic buying going on, I’d have a bit of a laugh.

“I did actually need some petrol for my lawn mower so, rather than bring a can, I thought I’d bring the mower itself.

“The panic buying is just silly, I’m very relaxed about it all. I have got two vehicles to run - but three if you count the lawn mower!”

Staff at the Shell Garage, on the A47, said the pumps had been in constant use over the last two days.

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One member of staff said: “I have seen people come with a can to fill it up but never the lawn mower itself.

“I was going to ask him whether he had a licence for it!”

Queues formed at petrol stations across the country after the Government recommended that motorists “top-up” their tanks ahead of a possible strike by fuel tanker drivers.

But Unite announced today (Friday) that there would be no strike action at Easter.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: “There is still no indication that strike is imminent as Unite would have to give us seven days notice, which we haven’t received.

“The fuel supply into this county is not being affected. Any shortages are a result of panic buying. People are advised to not panic buy or stockpile fuel which could create problems when there isn’t one.”