More than 200 weapons and pieces of ammunition are to be destroyed following a firearms amnesty by Cambridgeshire police.

A total of 204 items, including air weapons, imitation muskets, pistols, rifles and shotguns were surrendered between November 10 and November 21.

Superintendent Tony Ixer said: “There is very little gun crime in Cambridgeshire but as part of a co-ordinated national campaign to stop guns falling into the wrong hands, we joined forces across the country to help people dispose of guns safely.

“All items will be subject to safe destruction to ensure they remain off the streets. However any firearms suspected of being involved in crime would obviously be subjected to investigation.

“Many of the firearms were surrendered following the passing of an elderly relative, where the owners had no reason to retain the items, and we thank them for doing so.

“New legislation introduced in July 2014 means that some people who already had firearms in their possession may have been breaking the law. In such cases it is possible that these gun owners were not even aware they were committing an offence.”

INFORMATION: Anyone wishing to dispose of a firearm should contact Cambridgeshire police on 101 for advice.