Cambs: guided bus electrical safety paperwork ‘still missing’

CONTRACTORS have come a step closer to delivering the St Ives-Cambridge guided busway, but the lack of electrical safety certificates is still preventing final handover to Cambridgeshire County Council.

The Hunts Post reported last week that, apart from certification of the electrical work, the only major outstanding paperwork was to certify the structural integrity of Trumpington cutting, south of Cambridge.

That has been done, but contractor BAM Nuttall still cannot say exactly when it will hand over the electrical safety certification, a council spokesman said today.

“BAM Nuttall earlier told council bosses they had the required information, but it has now been revealed it is not available, and BAM Nuttall will need to carry out checks to ensure that all the tests have been done,” the council said.

“The revelation has infuriated council bosses who last week put forward a ‘pragmatic’ legal agreement to BAM Nuttall that would allow them to handover the route once the mandatory information had been supplied, but still committed the contractor to carry out the minor tasks that do not prevent buses running before the route opens.

“BAM Nuttall has told the council they are not able to give a date for the submission of the electrical safety certificates, but they expect to be able to say if they have all the information to complete the mandatory documents this week.”

Penalties deducted for delays have cost the firm over �10million in damages for late delivery so far, and almost �14,000 a day will continue to be deducted until the route is handed over.

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The county council expects to have to ask the High Court in due course for the return of around �45m it has paid BAM over and above the contract price.