CAMBS: Guided bus bike drama driver is ‘disciplined’

CALLS have been made for a guided bus driver who destroyed the bike of a cyclist in an incident earlier this month to be banned from getting behind the wheel.

More eyewitnesses have come forward following the October 1 incident, reported last week by The Hunts Post, in which the cyclist, who was riding illegally on the busway, had to jump clear as a Stagecoach double decker ploughed into his bike.

The cyclist had been riding on the busway near St Ives despite signs warning traffic to keep clear, and had ignored repeated blasts of the horn from the approaching Cambridge-bound bus.

It later transpired the cyclist had been wearing earphones and was listening to music. His bike was completely destroyed.

One passenger, Patricia Fox, 44, of Needingworth, condemned the actions of the driver. She said the driver made no attempt to slow down, and called for her not to be allowed back on the road.

“She didn’t slow down at all. We were so close [to the cyclist] at one point we could see the wires coming out of his ears. He looked around and then jumped off the bike.

“She should have just pulled up behind him. There was no need for anything to have happened that day. If you came up behind somebody on a bike on the road, you would slow down.

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“It could have been really nasty. It was only him jumping out of the way. He knew he shouldn’t have been on there, but she didn’t stop.”

Minutes earlier Ms Fox claimed the driver had braked hard to speak to another driver – the action, she said, meant that a man in a wheelchair sitting opposite her had to be prevented from tumbling forward.

Stagecoach bosses said the driver had undergone disciplinary action, but would not confirm if the driver remained in post.

The company’s managing director Andy Campbell said: “Action has been taken with regards to the driver. I cannot say anything more under employment law and data protection laws. It is an internal matter, but it has been dealt with under the company’s disciplinary procedures.”