CAMBS: Five year battle to bring drunk driver to justice who killed couple in 120 mph crash

A CAMBRIDGESHIRE man who killed a couple whilst travelling at speeds of up to 120 mph and on the wrong side of the road has been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.

Ben Edwards, 26, of Northfield Road, Soham was found guilty at Cambridge Crown Court yesterday and will be sentenced on March 5.

Edwards was seriously injured in the crash and spent time in a coma. He pleaded not guilty at a previous hearing to causing death by dangerous driving.

Father of two Paul Adams, 40, and Kathryn Dunn, 26 from North Wootton, Kings Lynn, were on their way to the airport for a holiday in the Dominican Republic when they were killed on March 11, 2007.

Edwards’ Mercedes SLK hit the couple’s Mercedes CLK on the A142 bypass at Fordham near Newmarket. He was found to be over the drink driving limit when he hit the couple by driving into their car on the wrong side of the road at speeds of around 120 mph. He had left De Niro’s nightclub and decided to drive home rather than pay for a taxi.

Edwards received serious injuries in the collision and for a long time was considered unfit to face trial.

However, Judge Gareth Hawkesworth ruled in early January Edwards could face a court.

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PC Steve Edwards said: “This case has taken a long time to be brought to court and a lot of background work was done to prove Edwards was fit to stand trial.

“Edwards believed his driving wasn’t dangerous, but it was proved he was over the drink drive limit and travelling at almost twice the speed limit when the collision occurred. His irresponsible actions resulted in the death of two people.

“This is an extremely sad case and my thoughts are with the couple’s families.”

The families of Paul Adams and Kathryn Dunn issued a statement following the jury’s unanimous verdict.

“Knowing that justice has finally been done may help us some way along the path to recovery from this dreadful event,” the said.

“We are enormously grateful to everyone involved in securing this conviction, particularly the superb Cambridgeshire police force for their hard work and determination so long after this crime was committed.”