CAMBS: Firefighters strike as pensions dispute continues

Firefighters testing smoke alarm

Firefighters testing smoke alarm - Credit: Cambs Fire & Rescue Service

People have been advised to take extra care when driving and at home as firefighters stage another walkout in a dispute over pensions.

The 24-hour strike starts at 9am today (Tuesday) and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service advised households to test smoke alarms.

Chief Fire Officer Graham Stagg said: “This latest 24-hour strike is due to take place at a time when the winter nights are setting in and the weather is on the turn.

“Residents are lighting their fires to keep warm and motorists are facing testing road conditions.

“We would urge people to please take extra care on the roads and drive to the conditions. In your home, firstly test your smoke alarm, but also ensure you’ve taken measures to prevent fires where possible, like getting your chimney swept regularly, not leaving candles unattended or overloading electrical sockets with decorative Christmas lights.”

Mr Stagg said cover would be in place with officers crewing a number of fire engines and on-call firefighters who are not part of the industrial action.

The Fire Brigades Union called the strike as the Government announced the process to implement new regulations would proceed.

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General secretary Matt Wrack said: “Firefighters are asking the Westminster government to immediately open genuine negotiations to resolve this dispute. They should also hold a House of Commons debate to fully scrutinise the legislation and there should be a parliamentary vote on the regulations.

“We need to be clear. We are not going to give up or go away. Firefighters will fight for however long it takes to secure a fair pensions deal – this dispute will not end as long as the regulations remain unchanged.”