Cambs: Family of five rabbits found abandoned

A FAMILY of five rabbits has been taken to Wood Green Animal Shelters in Godmanchester after being found abandoned at Stilton.

Florence, Russell and their six-month-old babies Juliet, Rufus and Rory were found by a member of the public last Sunday (August 28) and taken to the Godmanchester charity.

The rabbits were checked over by staff and will be available for rehoming next week, unless the owners come forward to collect them.

Manager of the small animal department Marie Channer said: “It is quite likely that these rabbits were abandoned because their owners couldn’t afford to have them all neutered. Florence and Russell have already had one litter and as none of the rabbits are neutered the owners may soon have found themselves with many more bunnies.

“Rabbits are naturally sociable creatures and they should always be kept in pairs or groups. The best combination for a pair of rabbits is one neutered male and one neutered female.”

The charity currently has more than 50 rabbits in its care and a further 170 on its waiting list.

INFORMATION: Visit or call 0844 248 8181.