CAMBS: Dog thrown from van loses his leg

A TWO-year old lurcher who was allegedly thrown from the back of a lorry in Cambridgeshire has lost his leg.

Boris was brought into Wood Green, the Animals Charity in Godmanchester on December 21 with a badly fractured femur in his back left leg.

A member of the public said they saw the dog being thrown from the back of a white transit van near to Melbourn in South Cambridgeshire. RSPCA officials are investigating the incident.

Staff at the centre decided to remove the leg following an X-ray. Boris spent Christmas recovering with a foster family in Wisbech.

Head of Animal Welfare Shelley Wooding said: “It is extremely sad that Boris, through no fault of his own, was abandoned in such a cruel way before Christmas. We have passed what evidence we have to the RSPCA for further investigation.

“In the meantime we would strongly urge anyone thinking of giving up a pet to contact us for advice and support.

“It is also a reminder that any animal is a long term commitment and financial burden and any decision to get a new pet should be made carefully with the whole family in mind.”