The county council debunked rumours circulating online that children would be “taken to a Government testing centre” if they displayed Covid-19 symptoms when returning to school.

Cambridgeshire County Council released the statement on social media on Tuesday (August 25), branding the claims “entirely untrue”.

The rumour suggested that when children were ‘taken away’, parents would have no access to their child and would be ‘removed by the police’ if they visited the school.

A spokesman said: “This information is entirely untrue.

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“If a child in a Cambridgeshire or Peterborough school begins to display Covid symptoms, parents will be contacted and they will be asked to take the child home and to arrange a test.

“This is to protect the welfare of the child and those within his/her social bubble.

“Ensuring the safety, welfare and protection of our children is the number one priority of each and every school in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

“Our schools have a clear and agreed Test and Trace process in place, backed by the local authority and Public Health England.

“This involves supporting any child who may require testing, and offering clear next steps for the family involved.”