Cambs council seeks extra funds to repair fen roads

CAMBRIDGESHIRE County Council is seeking extra cash to repair badly damaged fen roads, but in the short term is considering reducing speed limits instead.

Hunts Post reader Jenny Humphrey, who lives in Tick Fen, Warboys, wrote to the highway authority last week to complain about the state of roads around Tick Fen and Ramsey Hollow and the ineffectiveness of repair work since her previous letter in 2009.

“I have seen your employees attempt to patch the road by throwing a shovelful of asphalte into the hole, then driving over it a couple of times, which lasts about two months, and the small area along Puddock Road that was resurfaced last winter, but this does not address the real issues,” she told the council.

“Putting up 20mph signs is not the answer either, as even at these limits vehicles are not built for this type of terrain – nor are the adjacent buildings, which shake every time a lorry goes past, putting the foundations at risk.”

Mrs Humphrey also questions the safety of horse-riders, joggers and cyclists, who she says are at risk either directly from the state of the road or from vehicle drivers trying to avoid damage.

“The only solution to the problem would be to repair the road properly. I understand that this is a major financial undertaking, but the residents of Tick Fen and Ramsey Hollow get very little for their Council Tax, and pay road tax like everyone else.

“How much did it cost for three fire engines, air ambulance, police, police helicopter, ground ambulance crew, hospital treatment and no doubt compensation to help the lady and her nephew when she ended up in the dyke last September?”

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A county council spokesman sympathised and thanked Mrs Humphrey for writing.

“The roads have been damaged by the underlying soil conditions and the drought. We are looking for extra funding to carry out major repairs on roads of this type.

“We are also considering reducing speed limits, but in the meantime we urge people to drive according to the conditions, particularly where the roads run alongside water.”