CAMBS: 92-year-old nun joins protest against county council bus cuts

A 92-year-old nun has urged Cambridgeshire County Council to think again about cutting bus service subsidies.

Sister Jo Langley, of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, pleaded with the council to “consider the needs of the more disadvantaged citizens before making cuts that will cause them more problems.”

She said: “I am a resident in March and live with two other elderly ladies. My age is 92 and the others are younger.

“We are all active and use the buses regularly. We are distressed at the suggestion of cuts being made to the bus services by the council and wish to protest vehemently but are unable to attend the lobby at Shire Hall.”

However Sister Langley’s comments, in a letter to this newspaper, will be heard by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Lib Dem opposition leader Councillor Kilian Bourke said he will use the letter as part of moves to keep subsidies for Cambridgeshire services.

“Reading out the letter will be more effective than just protesting,” he told the three nuns who also intend gathering signatures on a petition protesting at the cuts.

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Sister Langley said: “There are many who make regular use of the 33 and 46 buses, especially for journeys to Peterborough and Wisbech for hospital appointments, visiting the sick and shopping.

“The only suitable buses on the 33 route direct to Peterborough run at 9.07 and 13.37 and cutting them out would cause many problems.

“The same applies to bus 46 which connects March to Wisbech and Kings Lynn with a roughly hourly service.”

She added: “Trains run from March to Peterborough but are expensive and the March station is about a mile from the town centre and buses there run hourly: so not really helpful for people who have little money and often physically not very able.”