CAMBS: 772 motorists pulled over for seatbelt offences in September


Police - Credit: Archant

More than 700 motorists across Cambridgeshire were caught failing to wear a seatbelt as part of a road safety campaign.

The ‘Think’ campaign, which ran throughout September, resulted in 772 motorists either paying a £100 fine or signing up for a Seatbelt Awareness Course at the cost of £36.

The course can be completed online or in a booklet and is being rolled out nationally by the Government.

Inspector Mark Rogers said: “If drivers continue to flout the law we will continue to catch them.

“You are 50 per cent more likely to be involved in a fatal road traffic collision if you’re not wearing this life-saving piece of equipment. The consequences of not wearing a belt when involved in a collision are potentially horrific.

“Drivers should be responsible for ensuring all passengers wear seatbelts, and they will be fined for anyone under 14 who is in their vehicle and is not.”

October’s ‘Think’ campaign will be on vehicle construction and use offences.

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